Hello!  Thanks for looking us up!


My name is Alex Matczyszyn.  I graduated from the University of Nebraska with a bachelor's degree in video production.  I mostly do weddings as far as video work, but I am developing other video production aspects to start getting in to more commercial video work here soon! Be on the lookout at lightbreakerfilms.com!

My wife of six years, Amanda, runs her own makeup business called Amanda Lee Artistry! (amandaleeartistry.com) It is admirable to see how much she has grown her business in such a short amount of time! She also works at a salon in Elkhorn called Prim Beauty Parlor during the week as an esthetician!

With Amanda having such a rapidly growing makeup and salon business, she doesn’t shoot too often with me at weddings anymore, every now and then she will still come and help out for part of the day, but now that we have a little foster care boy, she usually is done after her makeup in the morning to go be with him!