Suit and Tie Films is a husband and wife video team who love capturing memories from one of the most important days of your lives. 



Jes & Will


It's always a special honor to be apart of good friends wedding days.  Especially when you get to capture the memories that they will have forever.  Jes and Will are dear friends of ours and we couldn't be happier to have made this highlight video for them and their families. 



Quinn & Patrick


This classy wedding that took place at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Omaha was definitely one for the memory books.  Being able to capture the wedding day memories for a couple like this is truly special to us.  



Ashley & Sam


The setting for this wedding was one of kind.  Nestled in a restaurant on a lake in Fremont and taking place outside that was so beautifully set up.  Lots of special details in this really fun wedding!  



Mike & Mandy


This wedding had so many small perfect little details to the day it was hard to keep track of my favorite parts.  We are so honored to have been part of the wedding day capturing what wonderful people Mike and Mandy are.



Kate & Tate


Everything about this wedding was so elegant and beautiful.  Kate and Tate were spectacular people to work with and their families were unforgettable.  Capturing this wedding was a blessing to be apart of.



Wes & Abbie


This wedding was simply amazing!  Abbie and Wes had so many well thought out details, including the live band, the slideshows during the first dances, tunnel walk introductions and more!  It was a fantastic atmosphere from start to finish!



Daniel & Lauren


This beautiful wedding took place at the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, NE.  It was the perfect setting for Daniel and Lauren's amazing wedding day.  It might have rained a little that day, but that didn't stop them from getting some awesome shots.



Ben & Rachel


Beautiful hotel rooms.  Beautiful church.  Chilly day.  Live music.  People letting loose on the dance floor.  What's not to love about a wedding day that special?  



Mike & Veronica


A lot of laughs and good moments on this chilly December wedding.  With the reception at one of our favorite locations, The Slowdown, this wedding made for some amazing memories.  



Joel & Kayla


It's always exciting to shoot wedding videos for people that you knew for years before their wedding day arrives.  Joel and Kayla hosted their wedding at the Durham Museum, which as a fantastic location for some amazing shots!



Nathan & Ashley


This was the first wedding we had the privilege to be apart of at the stunning Magnolia Hotel.  This was also the first wedding we had the opportunity to do a "love story" for.  Nathan and Ashley's emotional wedding day was refreshing and one of a kind!



David & Meghan


This wedding had to have taken so much time and effort to put together, which makes it one of our favorites.  The outside ceremony and reception at Meghan's parents house complete with a stop for ice cream and a live jazz band made this wedding one for the memory books. 



Sarah & Jared


We had the opportunity to shoot Sarah's sister's wedding video the year earlier, so we knew going into this wedding that it was going to be a unforgettable day filled with laughs and great times. 



James & Rachel


There's always something special to shooting family member's weddings AND being in them at the same time.  James and Rachel were good sports about us going to several locations to get some great shots for their wedding video!